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[IP] to parents of teens

Attention parents of teens: Teen Talk will be having a special chat tomorrow 
night on diabetes and eating disorders at <A HREF="www.DiabetesStation.com">www.DiabetesStation.com</A>. If you 
have a teen, please tell them about this chat. Eating disorders is a fast 
growing epidemic in the country. The media, peers, even parents can have an 
influence on whether a teen will having an eating disorder. Please tell your 
teen about the chat and urge them to go. We will have a specialist and a teen 
living with an eating disorder present to answer questions. Thank you. 

Allison Blass


Manager, Youth Programs
Phone: 503-657-5371
E-mail: email @ redacted
URL: <A HREF="http://www.DiabetesPortal.org/teentalk">http://www.DiabetesPortal.org/TeenTalk</A>
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