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Subject: [IP] Diabetes: Dating/Marriage and the pump


You wrote:

"As I enter the single life, a place where I have not been for about 4
years, I am concerned about how other people view the pump.  For
example, how do you explain to them your situation with out scaring them
off?  What are some difficulties and how can I avoid them?  Why would
someone want to get involved with someone with such an inconvenience
(although it is now a part of my lifestyle)?"

I am divorced, 45, and got a pump three years ago.  At the time I got it, I
was dating someone for a few years.  Now I am basically "single" again and
starting to date.  I try and be very positive about my pump letting the
person know that it is a wonderful thing and has basically changed my life.
I tell them that it is just a little computer that lets me live my life more
normally than before.  I don't make a big deal out of it.  Just like when I
was on shots, it is a normal part of my everyday life.  I can remember being
on shots and sometimes forgetting whether I just took my shot or not.  It's
so engrained in me that it's just like brushing my teeth or taking my
vitamins.  The pump is the same way (thank goodness for the buttons that
tell me I did just take those 2 units 15 minutes ago!)  If you don't make a
big deal out of it, I think the other person will feel more comfortable
about it.  Most of the time no one even realizes that I just took insulin to
cover the meal I am about to eat.  Also, depending upon the other person,
you may want to introduce them to the trials of diabetes slowly.  I guess as
you get older, the other person may actually have some health problems of
their own and can actually relate more if you also tell them you have health
problems.  But a younger person may need to gradually learn about diabetes
if they aren't already familiar with it.  Anyway I wish you well and
remember to keep a positive outlook!

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