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Re: [IP] Dating/Marriage and the pump

I disagree with this statement as well, my husband was 20 when I met him and
he's 23 now and he's great with my diabetes, he's understanding, takes notice
of everything (which can come in handy if my sugars are low and I'm acting
strange but don't realise it) and he's a wonderful father.  He doesn't have
diabetes, only I do.

I was 18 when my husband and I met and I know that a lot of people disagreed
with this but we have been through so much, more then most couples go through
in a life time and we are still very much in love and very supportive of each

I think to some extent age matters but for the most part, it's the people and
how mature they are and who they are. Everyone's got different opinions
though, this is just mine.

Hang in there, I believe there is someone out there for everyone.

Jacqueline Hall

Speaking as someone who's been there...  You're not going to meet a partner
in his their early 20s with the emotional fortitude to put up with diabetes
unless this potential partner also has diabetes.

Lookin' to get hitched before the age of 25 isn't something I'd recommend,
I'm sure it's an extremely debatable point.  =)  YMMV.Get more from the Web.
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