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Re: [IP] Dawn Phenom...

I had horrible problems with dawn phenom before I started on my pump.

I no longer have issues with it unless I've got insulin absorbtion problems
due to a site needing to be changed.   Having the basal rate tuned to my actual
needs leaves my bg darn near flat during the 7-8 hours I'm asleep.

Trying to get it addressed properly using injected basal insulin was a
crapshoot.   Seeing my actual needs fluctuate with the basals on the pump
was an eye-opener.   I've got 3 basal rates from 12am - 5:30am ranging from
2u/hr to 1 u/hr.   I don't know why my body does what it does, I just
its sometimes erratic needs.

If anyone is having dawn phenom problems, the only solution is to test, test,
test, to figure out what is happening when.


--- Jennifer WH <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I have experienced the same thing.  I suffer through
> and usually it's gone in a couple of days.  I have
> finally gotten into a pretty good routine lately. 
> Have a very big jump in insulin at 2:30 a.m. (from .8
> to 1.1 until 7 a.m.) then back to .8 for the remainder
> of the daytime.  Maybe a "big" jump would help most
> mornings. Have you tried doing the "temporary" basal
> after the first day of highs? 

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