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Re: [IP] Dating/Marriage and the pump

> Speaking as someone who's been there...  You're not going to meet a
> in his their early 20s with the emotional fortitude to put up with
> unless this potential partner also has diabetes.
Not true.  My husband and I started dating when I was 20 and he was 21.  He
has been extremely supportive, understanding, and most of all loving.  The
best part is he has an incredible radar to know when my blood sugars are off
and has learned methods of getting me to test and recognize it and take care
of it without making me hostile.   That takes a lot of effort.  ;-)  He does
not have diabetes.

> Lookin' to get hitched before the age of 25 isn't something I'd recommend,
> I'm sure it's an extremely debatable point.  =)  YMMV.
This of course is a YMMV point.  My husband and I married when we were both
22 and it has worked out well for us.  Most people are shocked that I
married so young, and yet its the age when most my friends parents got

-- Sherry
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