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[IP] dating/marriage/pump

I have been married for nearly 15 yrs.  My husband
knew from the first day we met that I had diabetes. 
Granted, I was not on insulin at the time (I
controlled with oral meds. and diet/exercise for about
9 mos. after dx), but he knew what he was getting
into.  He is a pharmacist which helps me a lot with
the insulin/strips/Neurontin/bp meds.  He does say
(and I know) that it is hard to be married to a
diabetic.  The ups and downs with highs and lows;  the
irritability when I am low or high.  For yrs. on
shots, he had to eat on "my schedule" and we planned
activities around my NPH.  He puts up with a lot of
things other spouses do not have to think about.  He
is a very good, devoted husband, or he would not still
be here. (He likes our 4 girls too-ha!)It is difficult
to deal with a chronic illness for the person and the
spouse.  I think (I think he would agree, as well)
that it has been easier since I went on the pump.  I
feel better and have more energy, in addition to
having much improved bgs.  I might add (people mention
the age/maturity issue) that he is almost 10 yrs older
than me, so the maturity thing might work in our favor.

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