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Re: [IP] vertigo

I don't have a doctor to go see and seeing an oncall doctor wouldn't really help me as they wouldn't have my chart avail.  When I was under a doctors care, all he said was it was because of my GERD and the pills, I put up with it for over a year before I saw a specialist for my GERD and all he had to do was tell me to lie down adn took my blood pressure then took it agaihn when I stood up, it was that simple!!  But he never did say what to do about it.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> What that means is that when you experience any great difference 
> in 
> conditionssitting or lying down to standing up, cold to hot, 
> etc.your 
> blood pressure may drop precipitously.  This can cause you to get 
> dizzy or 
> black out.
> The symptoms may be a result of autonomic neuropathy or any number 
> of other 
> things--all of which I am completely unqualified to diagnose or 
> explain to you.
> My advice is that you ask your physician about thiis problem and 
> let us 
> know what his or her advice is.  We could use the information for 
> the 
> archives.  
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