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[IP] What is the maximum daily on your pump?

I am very insulin resistant.  Some days I go just over 255 units. 
(quite a bit, eh).  My Animas Pump goes up to 255 a day.  The only way
to get around this is to change the date to fool it.  Of course, this
messes up the history memory.  Is there a pump available that has a
higher daily maximum?  I thought maybe the Animas company might
reprogram my pump, but they say no, not for just one pump.  So, if you
are a type 2 that is highly resistant, you should keep this in mind...so
you can ask the right questions when you select a new pump.  Overall
though, pumping has been very beneficial, and I have had some good
support.  What daily maximum does your pump have?
Bob, out standing in the corn stubble of central Illinois, and its
getting cold.
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