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Re: [IP] New Animas Pump

Hi Laura,

I started with the Animas IR1000 and have never been on another pump.  But
something I found to be neat was that you can have an active program and set
up different segments in the program.

For example, from mid-night to eight in the morning (segment 1) my basal
rate is 3.15. From eight in the morning to mid-night (segment 2) my basal
rate is 3.25.  For me this is being able to have one active program do it
"all" for me by breaking it into segments.

Have fun with your new pump.  I would urge you to explore.  Hit your menu
button and check out the sub-menu items.  Animas will always ask you to
confirm a change of any kind, so, it is safe to play with!


> I recently upgraded to the new Animas IR1000 pump, and I love it so far! I
> was on the MM 507C, which was great too, but there are a few things that
> really make a difference. Such as the quick bolus...wow! When it usually
> took a few minutes to give a 5u bolus, it now only takes seconds, and no
> more "clicking". Changing out every 3 days seems to be a lot
> it's because I'm changing infusion sets and cartridges independently now,
> rather than at the same time as I did on the 507C. I'm still exploring and
> haven't found all the bells and whistles yet, but was wondering if Animas
> users out there could share some features they like....so I can
> explore....Thanks,
> -Laura
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