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Re: [IP] Dating/Marriage and the pump

I had heaps of reactions from guys when I was dating (I'm now married). Some
thought it was cool and wanted to find out all about it but didn't really
understand just how serious it can be, some thought it was too much to deal
with, and two were just so supportive. My first love (going back a few years)
would remind me to do my sugar tests and at the time I was on syringes so he
would help me and support me when we went out and stuff, it was great. My true
love, my husband is just amazing as well and couldn't be more supportive
although I'm lucky since he's mother has type 1 diabetes as well so he
understood about it all before he met me anyway. Even though my husband is
great, he doesn't fully understand the emotional aspects of having diabetes
which is why I just love this support group. It's nice to have support from
people who care and can fully understand what you are going through or what
you have been through since they have been through it as well. :)

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