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RE: [IP] Advice sought from those who count protein Excel proteinsheet

Mike Kurtis wrote, in part:
>>>I eat a very Heart Healthy diet of a
high fiber breakfast (average 20gms fiber), Salad with Romaine, tomatos &
red, yellow & orange peppers, croutons and shreaded parm cheese in lieu of
dressing, and whole wheat bread as an average lunch. Dinner is my first &
last meat of the day.  <snip> >>>

Is that a contradiction? You eat breakfast, have lunch - and DINNER is your
FIRST and LAST meal of the day? lol

Anyhoo, I just read an article in Diabetes Interview (12/02) regarding basal
testing that includes:

"Do not skip more than one meal per day. If you skip more than one, your
metabolism will slow down and you will get inaccurate information about your
basal rates."

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