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[IP] Paradigm--problems?

Hello, Pumpers.

Two months ago I switched from the MiniMed 508 to the MiniMed Pardigm pump.  I wonder if others have had inexplicable problems with the Paradigm or have had to return it for any reason.  In the more than a year that I had the 508, the only problem I had was static in winter causing the settings to be erased.  However, I always got an alarm and was able to fix the problem easily.  By keeping the pump in the leather holster, the problem was eliminated.

With the Paradigm, I've had to return two pumps within eight weeks.  The first pump stopped working...completely...with no alarm.  It was not a battery problem and changing batteries did nothing.  It was simply dead.  The new pump they sent me keeps giving battery error messages that don't make sense.  I often have to insert 3 or 4 brand new batteries before one is accepted.  Yesterday, two hours after inserting a battery, I got a "Battery Out" alarm, though there had been no "Low Battery" alarm.  To MIniMed's credit, they are sending me a replacement, although the replacement is not a new pump.

I'm considering asking to go back to a 508, which is not supposed to be an option for those who have switched to the Paradigm through the upgrade program, but I'm worried about the reliability of the Paradigm pump.  Please let me know if you have had any similar experiences.

A Pumper in Chicago.

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