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Re: [IP] Dating/Marriage and the pump

I too have had the same feelings.  Add to diabetes and the pump, the future
anticipation of peritoneal dialysis (having a  tube hang out of you

But, I have received a lot of support and kindness from others on this list.
I just had to pass that support along.  There are people in far worse
conditions than ours.  Yet  they manage to find people who consider them
lovable.  If you don't give up on yourself, maybe someone else won't give up
on you either.


> At 07:49 PM 1/8/2003, you wrote:
> >I know where you are,
> >  I am 20, D for 16 years pumping for 2 months.  I havn't had any serious
> > relationships and don't intend to for a while.  The main reason is I
> > very high standards!  :-) and I don't want to inflict this whiole
> > diabetes crap on another inosent sole!
> I know what you mean.  I have actually had a few that have dumped be
> because they thought it was "creepy"  I agreed with them and went on my
> way.  I for one don't understand why some "freak out" when they find out I
> have D.  Sooner or later I will find the right woman (hopefully sooner)
> for now I will continue with my little thing called life.  ;-)
> Brian Carter
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