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[IP] Vertigo

I had an unpleasant bout with vertigo last summer.  It turned out to be
benign positional vertigo, which is fairly common and unrelated to
diabetes.  The problem was my clinic's total unwillingness to do
anything except hand me meclazine and tell me to go home and get over
it.  Meclazine does not help with BPV, though it put me to sleep, which
I suppose was some help.  I had to finally demand a referral to a
neurologist.  Once I got to him, the problem was quickly solved.  As a
result of this experience, I changed clinics.

If you are still having problems, I'd insist on seeing a specialist.
Dizziness can have lots of causes.  I was able to get much valuable info
by searching the internet using the term "vertigo and health."  Vertigo
alone brings up a bunch of software and computer game related stuff.

Diane Richards
Type 1 10 years
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