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Re: [IP] vertigo

In a message dated 1/8/03 10:17:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> has anyone experienced vertigo with diabetes? Two weeks ago I woke up
> thinking I was having a low dizzy, shaky, sweaty but had normal bg. Went
> to the hospital and they said I had vertigo and it was common with dm. I
> have never heard this before. They did a ct scan and was normal. And put
> me on prednisone. "had to triple my basal rates for that" went to my gp
> the next day and he didn't do any thing but said to stay on the
> prednisone. It has been two weeks now and two 4 day treatments on
> prednisone and I have had no change and it's getting very frustrating.
> The only other symptoms I have besides dizziness are low body temp 95.8
> and hot flashes in the evening. Any advice would be very much
> appreciated. I can't drive and can barely function doing day to day
> tasks. 

My 16 year old son, with diabetes for over 14 years, experienced the exact 
same thing a few months ago.  He would be so dizzy, he couldn't go to school. 
 It occurred about every 3-4 days and lasted about 6-8 weeks.  The doctor put 
him on 2 rounds of antibiotics and said it was an inner ear infection and 
could last up to 3 months.  Thank goodness it went away before that.  If 
yours turns out to be the same, stay away from salty foods which increases 
the inflammation in your inner ear and drinks lots of water!
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