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Re: [IP] Diabetes: Dating/Marriage and the pump

> As I enter the single life, a place where I have not been for about 4
> years, I am concerned about how other people view the pump.  For
> example, how do you explain to them your situation with out scaring them
> off?  What are some difficulties and how can I avoid them?  Why would
> someone want to get involved with someone with such an inconvenience
> (although it is now a part of my lifestyle)?  <<I don't like this
> question, but it is how I feel right now>>

I was on the pump pretty much the entire time I was single and dating.  Of
course, I dealt with men rather than women, but I don't believe women would
be any different in this respect.

The pump didn't alienate anyone, at least not to my knowledge.  If anything,
it was a conversation piece, something to spark some interest rather than
quell it.

Most women are looking for someone they can connect with on an emotional
level.  If they can find that with you, and the chemistry is there, too, the
pump isn't going to stand in the way.  If it does, the person wasn't worth
being with, but I don't believe it will be an issue.  It seems to me that a
little piece of tape and plastic that covers no more than an inch or two
isn't going to scare anyone off.

Put those worries out of your head!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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