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Re: [IP] vertigo

Liz stated.....Vertigo is a fear of heights.  I think from what you've
described that you
have orthostatic hypotension, or, as the specialist put it, unstable blood

According to my American Medical Association Medical Encyclopedia- Vertigo
        an illusion that one's surroundings or self are spinning, either
horizontally or vertically.  Vertigo is a common complaint, but only rarely
is it a sign of an underlying disorder.  The term is sometimes used,
erroneously, to describe 'dizziness or faintness'.
       CAUSES: Vertigo results from a disturbance of the semicircular canals
in the inner ear or nerve tract leading from them.  It can occur in healthy
people when sailing, on amusement park rides, or even when watching a movie.
       Severe Vertigo, usually accompanied by other symptoms, may indicate a
number of diseases.

Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) may cause vertigo like symptoms   If the
vertigo came on suddenly it is usually assumed to be due to labryrinthitis
which is an inflamation of the semicircular canals of the ears.  If this is
deemed the cause it is treated with bed rest and antihistamine drugs

This is a direct quote from the AMA.

mom to Joshua
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