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[IP] Re: Diabetes: Dating/Marriage and the pump

From: "Michael J. Vincent" <email @ redacted>
>With the added emotional stress and increased pressures of work, my BG
numbers are all over the place.  
Mike - I have been through a divorce and other breakups over the years and it 
is hard to keep BG normal.  Stress generally causes my numbers to go up but 
sometimes I will go low too which makes me reluctant to increase by basal 
rates.  Also it is harder to focus on your diabetes and I know I tend to eat 
things that are quick rather than good for me and you just know the stress is 
not good for your body which increases the stress and BG problems.  Give 
yourself time to get over the relationship and try to treat yourself good 
during this time (eat good food, exercise, relax, don't be hard on yourself).

Since being on the pump I have been in 3 relationships and the pump has not 
been an issue at all.  I feel that it is easier to date on the pump because 
you would not be tied down to an eating schedule (could go to movies first and 
diner later).  On dates I mention being diabetic and on the pump if it comes 
up in the conversation and generally it does on the first date.  My Mom said 
maybe I was scaring guys but I feel like it is part of my life and who I am 
and if someone can't deal with it, better to find out on the first date than 
later.  When I explain about the pump I tell them how great it is and how much 
easier it is to manage my diabetes with it.  Most people don't know anything 
about the pump so they will pick up your attitude - you may have discovered 
that with people you work with?  I have done dating through personal ads and 
met my current significant other (of 3 years) through an Internet matching 
service  and I generally try not to mention that I am diabetic until I 
actually meet a person but I had told one guy about it and that my fingers 
looked like pin cushions from testing all the time and when we met, one of the 
1st things he did was grab my hands and look at my fingers!  It was pretty 
funny but it didn't effect how he felt about me.

I feel for you because I know how painful it is and like someone else said, it 
just takes time.  There's no way around the pain except through it and that 
can be discouraging but you will get through it,

Type 1 - 29 years (since age 15), pumping 3 1/2 years
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