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Re: [IP] vertigo

At 10:58 PM 1/8/03 -0500, you wrote:
 >What exactly is vertigo? what causes it?  I have GERD and since my diagnosis
 >I have been shaky, really shaky, and black out for a few seconds everytime I
 >stand up, and if I walk indoors while wearing my snowgear or get really hot
 >I black out sometimes for a few minutes, I black out like literally I can't
 >see anything and I get like a dizzy (but not) feeling but I can still hear
 >anything and if I go backooutside or cool of it goes away.  I think I may of
 >been sweaty alot before diagnosis.  The doc said it was a side effect of the
 >GERD the specialist said it was because I have unstable blood pressure,
 >could this be considered vertigo??

Vertigo is a fear of heights.  I think from what you've described that you 
have orthostatic hypotension, or, as the specialist put it, unstable blood 

What that means is that when you experience any great difference in 
conditionssitting or lying down to standing up, cold to hot, etc.your 
blood pressure may drop precipitously.  This can cause you to get dizzy or 
black out.

The symptoms may be a result of autonomic neuropathy or any number of other 
things--all of which I am completely unqualified to diagnose or explain to you.

My advice is that you ask your physician about thiis problem and let us 
know what his or her advice is.  We could use the information for the 
archives.  ;->

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