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[IP] Re: glucagon kits

> How wonderful for you Tom...my daughter, dx 9/97, has needed it many
times, I
> am thinking back to my own brother's dx in 1955 and wonder if it is not a
> resultof tighter control to some degree.....just thinking (which is hard
> my brain today)...


Your brother didn't get glucagon prolly since it wasn't *invented* until
about 1959 which also means patients didn't always acquire it right away.
Like insulin being discovered in 1921, it wasn't on the market for use for a
couple more years. I do remember years and years ago having a g. kit here,
and not used. I did request going to the ER twice, both in Junes, for low
BGs but it was a wild guess since no home BGs. I went in once and they did a
BG and the lab takes 20 min. The doc was present but went to a meeting and
forgot me. That day I was eating ice cream, cupcakes, honey, etc. to bring
me up. Doc came in and said, "You couldn't have been too bad off, you were
120."  Welllllll, that was AFTER eating all that stuff. BTW, that wasn't my
now ex-endo.

About the tighter control, we had no way of doing tighter control back when
your bro was dx'd. It was all dependent on those once-every-3-mos. lab
tests - no A1c's either. I often marvel that we survived.

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