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Re: [IP] ACE Inhibitors

<<Does anyone know any treatments for Microalb. that does not involve an

<<I take ARBs instead - similar but different>>

ACE-I and ARB's are both blood pressure pills, but the ARB's are better tolerated by some folks, with regard to side effects.

Typically, for people without high blood pressure, the ACE-I's will not cause a significant, if any, change in the blood pressure, so they can, and have been, used for microalbuminuria. I have even seen teens with microalbuminuria on them.
In the case of Addison's, if you are treated adequately and pretty well controlled over all, a small dose of an ACE-I may not cause any trouble. However, as usual, YMMV and the only way to know is to try. If you have microalbuminuria though, the ACE-I's are a true help, along with good BG control, to keep your kidneys working longer.
Good luck with it.

mom to Cara, age 17, type 1 since 2/97, pumping since 3/98
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