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[IP] Question on switching insurance and buying new pump

Well, we finally found an HMO with very very good rates, and will now be
moving from 20 percent co-pay on pump supplies and pumps, to 100 percent
coverage.  I have wanted to obtain a different pump, because I like the
service better and believe I will receive some "advanced" pump training which
I didn't get with my first pump.
We are self-employed, and the reason we had to switch HMO's was due to a huge
rate increase from our current one.  Apparently they were trying to get rid of
me, because no other plan in town even came close to being that high for
That said, my husband says if I try to obtain a new pump when mine is two and
a half years old, I will cause them to increase our rates next year (in other
words, it will just mess everything up.) I was wondering if any of you had any
opinions on this.  I know some of you have been able to accomplish this, but I
certainly don't want to receive a huge increase next year from this new HMO.
Any thoughts?
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