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Re: [IP] vertigo

What exactly is vertigo? what causes it?  I have GERD and since my diagnosis I have been shaky, really shaky, and black out for a few seconds everytime I stand up, and if I walk indoors while wearing my snowgear or get really hot I black out sometimes for a few minutes, I black out like literally I can't see anything and I get like a dizzy (but not) feeling but I can still hear anything and if I go backooutside or cool of it goes away.  I think I may of been sweaty alot before diagnosis.  The doc said it was a side effect of the GERD the specialist said it was because I have unstable blood pressure, could this be considered vertigo??  
For the most part it doesn't effect my life to much as I don't drive much and when I do I never have the heat on and always have the window open, and of course I don't drive if I don'tfeel good.  I walk mostly, and I babysit during the days and that makes it pretty easy on me as I can sit when I want etc.  
But it is very frustrating too.  Especially this time of year when the GERD flares up for some reason.  I missed the last term of grade 10 - was then diagnosed I left 4 weeks into classes and luckily my teachers all gave me the credit as I had high 90's marks so they just estimated the mark I would've had I got a 75 in advanced math( the principle said that was unheard of when marks are estimated they are always btween 50-60%!!), then went back for grade 11 and once again missed the 2nd term and just didn't go back for 12th grade as I was much healthier at home, then started working(babysitting).

I often worry about how I could actually get a real job with insurance and all if some days I just can't roll out of bed.  Before diagnosis I slept about 21 hours a day lost 20ish pounds in less then 2 months and basically stopped eating.

Can one go on diasability because of diabetes? not a great goal in life but would really like to know just in case?

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> has anyone experienced vertigo with diabetes? Two weeks ago I woke up
> thinking I was having a low dizzy, shaky, sweaty but had normal 
> bg. Went
> to the hospital and they said I had vertigo and it was common with 
> dm. I
> have never heard this before. They did a ct scan and was normal. 
> And put
> me on prednisone. "had to triple my basal rates for that" went to 
> my gp
> the next day and he didn't do any thing but said to stay on the
> prednisone. It has been two weeks now and two 4 day treatments on
> prednisone and I have had no change and it's getting very frustrating.
> The only other symptoms I have besides dizziness are low body temp 
> 95.8and hot flashes in the evening. Any advice would be very much
> appreciated. I can't drive and can barely function doing day to day
> tasks. 
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