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[IP] BGs & Epidural Steroid Injections

Am wondering if anyone has had any experience with having steroid injection
treatments for back pain...
If so, I'd be interested to know what kind of effect it had on your blood
sugars & how did you compensatefor it?
I know that these things affect everyone a bit differently, but somewhat the
same in some ways.
I had the injections yesterday for lower back pain & am finding my BG's
elevated quite a bit...the lowest being 181 & the highest 315 today. I have
bolused after each reading, but can't seem to get it down to my usual goal
of 80 to 120.
I've also increased my basal doses a bit, but a little reluctant to get too
aggressive with that.   Going to call my Doc's office tomorrow for some
further instructions. Talked to the Endo's Nurse Practioner prior to this
treatment & she said maybe I'd see a 30 to 50 point increase, but I'm seeing
a lot more than that.

Any input on your experiences with this sort of thing, would be appreciated.
Thanks,   Evie

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