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Re: [IP] Diabetes: Dating/Marriage and the pump

My goal is to turn my weaknesses into strengths.  Has anyone else gone
through similar experiences?  If so how did you handle them?

Hey Mike,
I can not say I have had the same experiences, but here it goes. I got a
divorce a few years ago now, it was hell, stability and blood sugars did not
go together at all, I was a mess for about a year. He was my husband of 9
years and we were a couple of 18 years.  The only thing I can say about the
hurt, stress etc is it does end, and it does all level out.
As far as dating goes, well, I would like to use colorful language here(but
I wont) " I am diabetic and if that freaks someone out, to heck with them!"
That was and still is my attitude. I have met a wonderful man who is more
concerned about me and my health rather than what my diabetes will do to
him, if you know what I mean. My ex thought of my diabetes in the second
way, and I sure like having someone who puts me first.
So I say as far as dating goes, just be your self and if ya gotta bolus do
it and then answer any questions about it, I would say someone who is really
interested and asking questions about the pump............that's one to call
back(and BTW us women like to be called back in a couple days, not weeks ;))
and that would be the relationship to persue. As far as being ready for
marriage......don't rush it...........you will know when you are ready ;).
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