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[IP] Dating/Marriage and the pump

I know where you are,
 I am 20, D for 16 years pumping for 2 months.  I havn't had any serious relationships and don't intend to for a while.  The main reason is I have very high standards!  :-) and I don't want to inflict this whiole diabetes crap on another inosent sole!
I want kids and I want them to have the best father possible so I refuse to date anyone who drinks does drugs, smokes, does stupid things with his life and doesn't have good plans, isn't a caring human who also wants kids, and to give them the best possible life, well  That said do any of you know ayone for me!!!  I donno  I've seem some pretty stupid people out there and some great people who are unfortunatly in love with them and I refuse to be one of them.
I want a dad who'll coach soccer, tie skate laces, show up for parents teacher interviews, not miss the school plays etc.  One who won't mind doing cleaning(we all know I don't!!) and of course one willing to put up with me and all my diabetes and GERD crap.
I'll find someone eventually and am happy waiting till I do, don't want to date 50 wrong guys when I can just wait around for Mr. Right.

I think it also has alot to do with my father whom I've just met again(havn't seen him since I was 4) and frankly can do without knowing (right now)
But any ways my kids will have a great 2 parent home ( thats my plan anyways)
I have also thought alot about adopting(in like 10 years of course)  I'd like to adopt a few of the children whom have medical conditions(diabetes?) that are hard to place in other homes. Everyone wants healthy little babies( and who can blame them)
But I do need a few of my own too!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> As I enter the single life, a place where I have not been for 
> about 4
> years, I am concerned about how other people view the pump.  For
> example, how do you explain to them your situation with out 
> scaring them
> off?  What are some difficulties and how can I avoid them?  Why would
> someone want to get involved with someone with such an inconvenience
> (although it is now a part of my lifestyle)?  <<I don't like this
> question, but it is how I feel right now>>

> My goal is to turn my weaknesses into strengths.  Has anyone else gone
> through similar experiences?  If so how did you handle them?
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