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[IP] Diabetes: Dating/Marriage and the pump

Diabetes: Dating/Marriage and the pump

I have been a diabetic for 17 years, 2 of the 17 years on the pump.  I
have been dating a girl for close to 5 years.  When I met her she new I
was a diabetic and did not have a problem with it.  Together we made it
through our early 20's.  I am about to turn 26.  

Recently I broke up with my girlfriend for the last time.  I am sure we
won't be getting back together.  Not because anything either of us did,
but I think reality finally set in and we (at least I) did not want to
continue the relationship.  I have no interest in marriage at this time.
Or maybe I am just too scared?? I don't know what to think?  I feel like
I am running through a maze with no exit.

I am not sure why I actually broke up with her.  There is no 1
reason..it is more an experience thing.  I have had serious
relationships with 3 girls.  I don't think I "know" enough yet to get

I have thought long and hard about my decision and am confident the
break up was the best thing for both of us.  She hopefully will remain
my friend.  It just SUCKS the first couple of days.  I don't want the
reason I stay with her to be because I am afraid and that no one else
will want to give me a chance.  However, how do I know the real answer
until I try??

With the added emotional stress and increased pressures of work, my BG
numbers are all over the place.  It is like a whirlwind of emotions and
feelings.  I find that the Ups and Downs have a TREMENDOS effect on my
personality and find it very hard to come to ANY level ground.

As I enter the single life, a place where I have not been for about 4
years, I am concerned about how other people view the pump.  For
example, how do you explain to them your situation with out scaring them
off?  What are some difficulties and how can I avoid them?  Why would
someone want to get involved with someone with such an inconvenience
(although it is now a part of my lifestyle)?  <<I don't like this
question, but it is how I feel right now>>

I recently started a new job (about 10 months ago).  I had no problem
introducing the pump (and me), however the people did not seem to be
overly concerned.  I still find the whole concept amazing, but that
could be because I am an engineer :-) .   Although, I do find it
difficult sometimes.  I do the best I can.

Typically, I am the most positive; we can do anything type person.
Unfortunately, this time I am lacking my optimist attitude.  There are
times when I can "trick" myself into believing.but then I hit a valley.

My goal is to turn my weaknesses into strengths.  Has anyone else gone
through similar experiences?  If so how did you handle them?

Please feel free to contact me through this group or via email
email @ redacted

Thanks for listening
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