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[IP] Re: iglucagon kits

>>> FWIW I have never owned a glucagon kit, and in 60 years of Type 1
diabetes I
> have never received a glucagon injection. There were some occasions when
> might have been useful.<<

My daughter's first grade teacher said those exact words to us way back
when, when I insisted on not only having one in the nurse's office, but in
the classroom and on each floor of the very large school building. Low and
behold, a few years later the school nurse called and said, "Well it's a
good think you have those glucagons where you do. We had to use one on the
teacher!" I knew enough not to tell her "I told you so." She's a lovely
woman, she just never thought she'd need glucagon. I was glad ours was there
for her!

Mom of Lauren
dx @ 6, pumping three years
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