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Re: [IP] Opinions on Quick Sets vs. Silhouettes Some Advice?

I use the quick set and in my opinion, it's the easiest and less painful way
(my opinion). It doesn't hurt much at all and it's just so easy to use. It did
however, take a few tries to fully get used to inserting the infusion set but
once I mastered it, I love it. The only problem I started having was that my
infusion sites were drying out and bruising. When I spoke to someone about
this, they said that the IV prep wipes I was using are very high in alcohol
and were drying out my skin too much. I'm also pregnant which doesn't really
help matters either and have extremely sensitive skin, I can't even wear most
make up since I get a reaction... I am now experimenting with different tapes
and wipes to work out which one is right for me. Apart from that, I haven't
had any problems with the quick set. Everyone is different though and this is
just in my opinion. :)

Jacqueline Hall

My daughter, age 7, will be starting the Cozmo fairly soon.

Keeping her age in mind, can I get some assistance with what the best and most
painless tapes, lines, etc. are so that I know from the start?

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