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Re: [IP] some strange dealings with MM

> They told me i could get 2 samples (for free) BUT, id have to pay
> $15 shipping and $15 handling. I have never gotten anything from them in
> the PAST,
> free or otherwise.... NOR WILL I IN THE FUTURE...

This really surprises me.  A couple of months ago, I got some samples from
them, and, when I ruined one when I didn't insert it right, I requested
more.  They sent them, no problem.

I can't imagine that they really think they are going to "save" money by
refusing to send samples.  It will alienate people, like you, who will
refuse to buy their products, and also make people less likely to use them,
if they have to pay just to try them out.

I've been a MM customer for twelve years, but I'm shocked at how BADLY their
service and quality of help has gone downhill in the past few months.  They
have something like 85% of the American market on pumps, but at this rate,
they are liable to eventually have only 15% instead.

I am genuinely sorry to see this happen, and I hope that they get their act
together very soon before they suffer from what they've been doing lately.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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