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[IP] More on my COZMO

My Cozmo saved me from a real low today. I had breakfast out with a group of
friends - a yummy waffle which in the past I would take 3 units at meal time
and 1 or 2 units 2 hours later. I should have chosen a combination but did
an extended. Don't know why because I do know the difference. I sort of
thought I was going to be in trouble so I tested 1 hour after eating and I
was at 225. I stopped the extended bolus and did a standard bolus. Not quite
an hour later, I was at 253 so I tried to do a correction. The Cozmo gave me
an alert "BG is below target or may drop below target. No bolus suggested."
I am sure I would have taken a unit with this pump.  Half hour later I was
at 220. I again tried to do a correction and this time it suggested .2 units
which I eagerly took. At that point I was still thinking I needed more than
that. One hour later I was at 70. So I surely did not need more nor did I
need that full unit an hour earlier. Part of the drop could have been due to
activity. I doubt that much was due to basal because I  am only taking 1/10
of a unit per hour. I started at .15 but was dropping during the night so we
switched it to .1

By now I should be back up so I can get back to cleaning.

Hope you all had a great day,
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03
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