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[IP] Re: Paradigm cases

> My point is I was told that the paradigm case was 18.95 and
> thats what I paid, so I should receive it, well she said she doesn't
> know who took the order but they musn't have know the right price 
> - is that my fault??  And I ordered it in November, they cashed
> the cheque on Nov. 15th Then I have to wait almost 2 months 
> to get a case I can't even use!

Hi Summer,
     Just curious, are you ordering from the Canadian office, or calling to 
the USA?
     I get my Quick-sets through a pharmacy and have a Disetronic pump, so 
don't call Minimed very often.  However, in the fall I called the Canadian 
office to order a back-up Quick-Serter.  They charged my credit card 
immediately, but took a good long while in getting it sent out to me.  As it 
was a back-up, it wasn't a problem for me, but it was not sent quickly enough 
to meet acceptable business standards, in my opinion.  
     I think that they DO KNOW who processed your order.  I would call back 
and ask to speak to the supervisor and tell her/him that you want the proper 
case sent out immediately, at no extra charge.  Otherwise, I would file a 
complaint with the Better Business Bureau; let them know you will be doing 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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