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[IP] pump or meter setting off store sensors?

    Almost every time I go into a store which has a sensor when you enter or 
leave or both, I set it off.  I thought at first it was that some kind of 
sensor was still attached to my clothing or perhaps in my purse from a 
previous purchase which was not removed.  Once I was told it may be something 
mfg. leave in shoes.  It can't be my cell phone because my husband has the 
same on and he never sets it off.  I doubt any of this is the case because it 
has happened to many times over what it seems to be years.  It has to be the 
pump or the meter.  It is very embarrassing when it goes off and two people 
run after me to see if I have a receipt for merchandise.  On occasion, I have 
told the person at the register as I was leaving that I will probably set it 
off because of a medical device, I show them the pump, They just look at me 
like I am crazy.  Either way I look like a fool.  Does anyone have this 

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