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[IP] Paradigm cases

I just got my paradigm cases in the mail( it's been WEEKS since
 I ordered them)  As you may have noticed I'm not having any luck
 with ordering things!

I got the black waist pouch which I am wearing and love and the 
multi-coloured neoprene case.  Which they sent me the 508 model 
so it doesn't have a clip just a hole for the pump clip and a loop for
 a belt.  I phoned to tel them I was sent the wrong one.  She says 
that, thats the one I ordered - it's not cause I phoned in the order 
and the ;lady looked up the paradigm # for me and when I sent in 
my cheque I wrote on the cheque and a piece of paper that I wanted
 the paradigm case.  Well she says I 
can send this one back and they'll send me the paradigm one but
 it $39.95 this one was 18.95 and not worth any more then that. 
 Now I'm not going to spend $40 dollars on a little case which isn't 
all that great looking. So I told her so and she asked if I wan't 
to send that one back.  I said its easier to just keep the stupid 
thing.  I can always wear it on a belt mind you I've worn a belt 
once in the past 12 months ( if that!)  I guess I'll have to start.

My point is I was told that the paradigm case was 18.95 and
 thats what I paid, so I should receive it, well she said she doesn't
 know who took the order but they musn't have know the right price 
 - is that my fault??  And I ordered it in November, they cashed
 the cheque on Nov. 15th Then I have to wait almost 2 months 
to get a case I can't even use!

I love my Paradigm but am starting to hate everything else with MM!
I'll just have to start getting cases else where!
Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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