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[IP] MM again - returns

Hi all I just received the reserviors that mm was sending me  BUT I got 4 wowy!!  the lady on the phones said she'd send me a whole box to  replace my bad one and that I was to return it.  Now whne I phoned I had only used 4 from the box BUT that was 3 1/2 weeks ago now I've used 8 - plus the few good ones I had from my other box. And the box to return them is a tiny little tub that MAY fit 2 it I squeeze.

What the heck am I suppose to do with the other 12 bad ones?
I'm really starting to get annoyed with these people.  Luckily I got a new box from my pharmacy and can use them.  Until I straighten this out.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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