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Re: [IP] some strange dealings with MM

btw, when i ask disetronic (where i am already a customer),
for a few "longer infusions sets", they were at my door in two days.

I didnt want to start a rant, but at $15.00 a set,
i thought MM would be a little more reasonable ( and want me to become a
customer).... I was wrong

Well... who knows.... may they read this site too.

Since they are only sold by the box, i
dont think that any of us, who want to try something new,
should have to take a $150.00 chance....

BTW, my cde, who has EVERYTHING, gave me a few to try, but i dont know if i
will, since i am not interested
in becoming a MM customer (especially after the "better then wonder"
treatment ive received from disetronic).

Just my rant.....
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