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Re: [IP] Books about kids with diabetes

Erin,  the first book we bought for our son was "Even Little Kids Get
by Connie White Pirner.     When Zachary started Kindergarden and again
at the beginning of 1st and 2nd grade,  I would go to school the first week
and read the book to the children in his class,  then show them what a
bottle of insulin and syringe looked like,  plus his Glucometer.   And
then I'd take my own blood sugar for them.    Zachary wasn't allowed to
test in the classroom back then,  but at some time or another the children
would be in the nurses office and see it done,  or see me do it on field
trips, so I wanted them to know about it ahead of time.   This book helped
explain things and made the children accept Zachary's condition, as well
as become his little "Diabetes Helpers".   (They'd often tell the teacher
they thought he was low before he or she had noticed it!   They also made
sure their mothers sent appropriate snacks for him when they brought
treats in.)

There's lots of children's books listed on the "Children wiht Diabetes"
Here's the direct link to that part of the site:


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