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[IP] Re: New Flying Security Regulations

> It seems to depend on which pump you have.  I recently read that some one
with , I think, one of the MiniMeds experienced that it made the metal
detector go off somewhere.

That someone was probably me.  I have a MM507C and have had the metal detector 
go off not all times that I have flown but at least 4 times.  The first time 
was at Midway before 9/11 and they asked if I could remove it and I said no.  
They were very nice but did pat me down.  They also asked about my pump 
supplies but really it was mostly genuine curiosity.  Later I thought if I 
hold the pump away from me and they wand me, then they would know that it was 
the pump.  I do think that the screeners are more aware of diabetes supplies 
and the pump now.  I have gone through Midway since then without setting off 
the alarm so it is hit and miss.  I also set it off in Kansas City but it did 
seem that everyone was setting the alarm off.

I would not say anything unless they ask.  My experience lately is that they 
seem to not care about diabetic supplies.  My 18 yr old daughter flew from 
O'Hare to Florida a few days ago.  They had huge machines by the ticket 
counters, I assume to x-ray the luggage.  Also (and it may have been this way 
for awhile), non-ticketed passengers cannot go very far into the airport at 
all so I really couldn't wait anywhere with her in the airport so she told me 
I could leave.  It was the same way at Midway that non-ticketed passengers 
couldn't wait and eat anywhere.  She had no trouble with her diabetes supplies 
going through security.  She doesn't wear a pump (yet).  I think she is going 
through the honeymoon period and can control her BG pretty well with 1 shot of 
Lantus and an occasional shot of humalog so she really isn't motivated to get 
a pump yet. I know I wasn't motivated until I was having trouble even with 5 
shots a day and was afraid I my kidneys were failing.

Type 1 - 29 years, pumping 3 1/2 years
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