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Re: [IP] testing in cold weather/Exercise basals


I have had similar experiences with my BG rising after exercise. I do a lot of running and find that I need to decrease my basal about an hour and a half before I run - in the morning from a normal of 1.4 to anywhere from .6 down to .3 depending on the length of my run. I also find that within about 20 minutes after an especially long run of 2:30 - 3 hours, my BG's shoot way up. They can go from about 90 when I finish to 200 or even higher within an hour (without eating anything). I try and take a 2 or 3 unit bolus about 1/2 hour before I finish my run, it helps a lot. 

About the cold: I have an Ultra and never noticed a problem with the cold other than when I've left it in my car overnight (stupid, I know). It wouldn't even let me test until it warmed up and then it seemed fine. 

Good luck!

Jim - Type 1 since 6/92, pumping since 6/01
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