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[IP] Cozmo Review

I've been using saline with my Cozmo until today when I met with my
fantastic trainer, Karen, from Nashville.

The saline test, which I did on my own, was great. It really validated one
of my reasons for going on the pump and for choosing the Deltec. My first
meal bolus, I choose a standard bolus. It asked for the carb grams and I
entered 70. Then it asked if I wanted a correction bolus. I said yes and
told it my current bg was 85. It then suggested 2.7 units.   I take 1 unit
for 20 g carbs so 70 g would normally be 3.5 units but then it adjusted it
down to 2.7 for the bg.  I know all of these numbers because I can go into
the history stored in the pump and check it. For anyone wanting to check the
calculation, I had 150 as my bg target and 1 unit reduced bg by 80.   (Is
this how it is done? 3.5*80=280 + 85 = 365 - 150 = 280 / 70 = 2.6875) I
actually injected 3.0 with my insulin pen and ended up going a bit low.
Lunch was just the opposite, I rounded down and ended up high. In both cases
had I been able to take fractions of a unit I would have been right on.

Tonight I had homemade potato cheese soup that I just threw together. The
carbs in my Calorie King for this kind of soup ranged from 20 to 60 so I
guessed on the low side and tested 1 hour later. At that time I was 162. I
selected a correction bolus on the pump and it told me that any correction
bolus could cause me to go low. Two hours after dinner, I was at 170. I
again tried to do a correction bolus and this time it suggested .15 units
which I accepted. It's fantastic! It's not that I could not do the math but
it sure is nice having it done for you. Also with the insulin pen, my choice
was (1) do nothing, (2) take 1 unit and end up down at 90 which is lower
than I was told to be at bedtime, or (3) eat a little more and take 1 unit.

I  also love the 2 hour alert after meals to remind me to take a bg reading.
Plus there is 2 hour alert after a site change. I had an alert Sunday when I
skipped lunch and did not have a bolus btw 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

The menus are very easy to follow. Can't wait to get the software to
personalize it but it really is great as is.

I'd highly recommend it. I also recommend my trainer. She was great to work

Be happy to answer any questions.

Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping  01/07/03
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