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[IP] MM Quikset Inserter$

If I remember correctly when I ordered an extra quikset inserter (quikserter) 
this summer, I was first told by my supplier that the cost was something like 
$40-45, which I thought was absurd.  I called MM directly, since my insurance 
wasn't going to pay for it anyway and they said the cost had just recently 
been dropped to $14.00 each.  I ordered two of them and I'm sure my shipping 
and handling was just a few dollars.   I agree with the other comment on the 
list-I would have asked for a supervisor and inquired as to the normal cost 
and if the shipping and handling cost was still quoted  to be that high I 
think I would have very politely "blown a gasket"!!!!!  Perhaps if you call 
them back, you might get a different situation-would be interesting to tell 
them what you know others have paid for them and express you "opinion" to 
them and see what happens.  Let us know if you do.
Sherry, mom to Liz, age 13, dx3/01, MM508-5/02
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