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Re: [IP] some strange dealings with MM

The last time that I requested samples, about six weeks ago, they told me
that they would send them BUT, Medtronic was going to start charging for
samples.  It seems that they've made good on their threat.  Also, with my
last order, Medtronic stopped shipping Uni-solve.  I've been getting it for
a year, and all of a sudden they've figured out that my insurance company
won't pay for it.  Uni-solve is considered a luxury.  A part of what has
been going on during the Medtronics take over, is going over the accounts
with a fine tooth comb.  I was told by the insurance verifier that Minimed
had been losing a ton of money by shipping items out to folks and then
finding out that the insurance wouldn't allow it.  The adjuster also claimed
that money was being lost by sending out samples.
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