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[IP] Paradigm

Good news / Bad news here with Paradigm. In regards to Low Battery alarm I
initially thought if you changed the battery within 60 seconds then you
wouldn't have any problems. But last October I lost my basal rate and other
info after changing the battery once. Minimed stated I must have neglected to
hit the ESCAPE and ACTIVATE buttons on that occasion. So everything was OK
till this last Sunday when the Low Battery alarm woke me up. I did everything
by the book and still got the E21 alarm which means the loss of programming.
.......that's the bad news. When I talked to Minimed I asked about upgrading
to the 1.8 version software, which isn't so supposed have this problem, the
customer rep said she would have to check on that. So since that was the
second time I lost the programming she said they would take back my original
pump after they sent me a new one. Here it is Tuesday with the good news when
the newly refurbished pump with the 2.0A 1.1 pump arrived this morning.
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