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[IP] re:new reservoirs


    I haven't had a problem with reservoirs from MiniMed at all, but I did
need to return my pump and get a replacement from them (a minor scratch which
caused them to replace the entire pump with a brand new one since I tend to be
a little anal retentive about esthetics (spelling???)). Anyway, I spoke to
Anthony Vicente (who is one of the technicians in the North Ridge, California
division) on Monday December 30 at 3:00pm and I received the replacement pump
via Fed Ex on Tuesday December 31 at noon... considerably less time than
you've been waiting for your replacement reservoirs. One of the things that
Anthony mentioned to me was the fact that he could not find my name or
registration information in the computer system... strange since I spoke to
another technician about one week before I was put in touch with Anthony. It's
possible that something like this has happened in your case as well. Perhaps
another call to MiniMed will help solve the problem.
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