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Re: [IP] Re: DKA Question

I recently went to the ER on my dr's direction because
the lab at the hospital was faster than the lab at the
clinic.  This was the middle of the day.  What they
said was that as long as you are getting SOME insulin
the acidosis will not be quite so dramatic...The DKA
occurs in the ABSENCE of insulin (any insulin) in the
bloodstream.  I had high stress levels leading up to
this incident and high bgs to go along (about 2 days
over 300 all the time).  Yes, there were ketones in
the urine, but the blood levels had not built up yet. 
So...they said I was right to inject and also to FORCE
fluids for at least 24 hours to flush out anything
left.  The other time I was in DKA and lactic acidosis
(ignorance is bliss) I was in ICU for 3 days.Took me
10 days to feel "better"...lost 8 lbs in 36 hours.
I learned everything I never wanted to know about DKA.
Also that 50% of those in lactic acidosis die.  Once
you are past a certain point in DKA, injecting insulin
is like injecting water...injected 15 units of R with
no result. IV insulin is the only way out at this
point.  Just a few tidbits that I learned...

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