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[IP] New Reserviors

Well I finally got fed up with MM and went to the pharmacy and got a new
 box of reserviors.  I phoned the monday before Christmas and they 
agreed to send me a new box cause mine  have  leaky O-rings, they 
fill up with airbubbles.  Any ways I phoned on Friday to see why I hadn't
 gotten them and they said that the shipping office was closed so the
 manager would phone me the next night after 6pm and they'd find out 
where the box was.  Well no phone call.  I got a new box and will phone
 when I get around to it.
I am using the bad ones they work ok but I can't fill them full or 
airbubbles start coming in and I have to constantly check for bubbles 
in my tubing and prime them out and then I can't let it go below 30 
units cause when I change them it is full of bubbles, more bubbles 
then insulin.

Now I just checked my boxes and the bad box and my new one
 have the same Lot #, so I may have the same troubles again!! 
 Hopefuly it was just one bad box or MM will be getting alot
 more phone calls!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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