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RE: [IP] Re: Pizza, sticky sites, and Tracker

The other factor is that meals high in fat will delay gastric emptying
and the absorption of nutrients/carbs.  I have tried to severely
restrict fat in my diet which has made my post prandial glucose values
much more predictable.  For those times when it is not avoidable or I
simply choose to enjoy a pizza, steak and cheese sandwich etc.
Man/Woman cannot live by carbohydrate alone.  

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Regarding the post about Pizza and the "high fat" cheese causing highs 
later...please realize that it isn't the fats that are causing those 
highs.  Fat plays very little part in affecting BGLs other than 
delaying the affects of carbs in some cases.  The delayed rise in BGLs 
from pizza/cheese can be attributed to either the cheese stimulating 
the production of glucagon in the body OR the conversion of protein 
into glucose.  I would expect that if you used low-fat cheese and 
regular (higher-fat) cheese in the same amounts, you would see if 
affect BGLs the same way in either case.
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