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[IP] Anyone out there tried the "Lean for Life" program?

Hi Folks,

I've just started Lindora's "Lean for Life" program and am feeling really
great (one week into it).  I was wondering if any other pumpers out there have
tried this program or would like to join me in trying this weight loss
program.  It's another high protein diet but it's also low fat and you are
allowed SOME grains, fruit and lots of vegetables.  I'm down from taking 28
units in a 24 hour period to taken 12-16 units.  My blood sugars have been
much better too.  I've also lost 5 pounds (yes, I know...it's mostly water at
this point!) but feel really hopeful.

Uh oh...I just realized this sounds like an advertisement.  This is not an
advertisement...I truly am just looking for fellow pumpers who might have
tried this program already or want to try it.  I'm open to hearing positive
and negative feedback.

kindest regards,

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