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Re: [IP] Re: alcohol wipes

And my husband's PCP told him: "Hmmmmm ... your fasting is 160. We're going 
to have to keep an eye on that."

My sweet baboo has already had surgery for trigger finger and he has had 
non-healing wounds on this shins for several years. He was 130 or more 
fasting 2 or 3 years ago. I told him he had diabetes, but he would not listen 
to me. His PCP was not telling him he had diabetes; therefore, he did not.

What we need are some "real" doctors!

Jan and Elvis

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email @ redacted writes:

<< I've seen screening programs at health fairs, and we did one ourselves when
 I had my 50-yr BASH. Now, my question is, do the doctors pay attention to a
 high reading with one of these results? My hugsband tests here at home and
 has often been welll above 140 (209, 196, etc.). His bro has had Type 2 for
 over 30 years. But, we can't get a doctor to listen to us other than do a
 fasting BG (mostly normal - except last one was 123), or an A1c - which is
 an average overall and doesn't reveal individual highs. >>
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