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Re: [IP] New Flying Security Regulations

This sounds normal to me, I find that some are more lax then others but they all do ramdon searches and test for explosives, all bags are scanned and of course they scan every one who beeps.  Also they require you to turn any electronics on, so make sure you have batteries, I saw a guy get stopped, for quite a while cause his electric tooth brush wouldn't turn on!!  I have my bags searched about 75% of the time but no problem with the D supplies.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> She went to the check-in desk for USAir to get her ticket and 
> check her baggage. The woman behind the desk escorted her over to 
> a security area. The agents held her ticket while 2 of them opened 
> and went through her 2 bags to be checked-in. My daughter stood 
> behind a rope, waiting.  The bags were ok and passed on to go on 
> the flight. They gave her the ticket.
> Then, she went to the other security gate. Everyone in the line 
> was told to put their carryon, cell phone, laptop, coat, hat and 
> shoes on the conveyor to be scanned. My daughter walked through 
> the metal detector, which went off due to her belt buckle. They 
> stopped her and checked over, and she passed.
> The point of this is to let any travelers know that things are 
> much more strict for everyone, since the new year.
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